Code of conduct

Code of conduct

The Companies enhance their commitment to ethical and moral standards of conduct, which they transmit to their suppliers, expecting reciprocity in the management of their Companies by acting with integrity and legality.

Therefore, the following bases of conduct are established to be assumed by all natural or legal persons with whom they have commercial or contractual ties.

Suppliers must stand out for their integrity, rejecting any practice of extortion, corruption or abuse of authority, as well as any other practice that generates offensive or intimidating acts with people's rights. Likewise, they are expected not to offer any type of gifts or perks to our collaborators as a result of the commercial relationship.

Suppliers shall practice honest and fair practices in all their activities without breaking the rules, being consistent in their actions and in accordance with organizational guidelines, national and local laws and regulations in force.

Reject and denounce any type of forced, involuntary or bonded labor, and do not tolerate the use of child labor in accordance with the International Labor Organization and the United Nations Global Compact.

The companies will comply with the provisions of the applicable rules for the processing of personal data, likewise if the supplier or contractor by reason of the execution of the contract is designated as responsible or in charge of the processing of personal data must comply with the application of the principles and duties established in such provisions, the supplier in addition to the clauses for breach of contract, will be subject to the procedure and penalties for breach of legal provisions for the processing of personal data.

Supported by the compliance with the applicable norms in relation to the implementation of the OSHMS, suppliers must strive for a safe and healthy work environment according to the risk factors related to their activities.

Suppliers must have the relevant permits and authorizations and comply with the applicable legal requirements of the activity they develop with special emphasis on those contracted by the Companies, having as a general framework the Single Regulatory Decree of the Environment and Sustainable Development Sector D1076 of 2015 and other national and local regulations on environmental matters thus advocating the prevention of pollution, environmental protection and minimization of environmental impacts through proper planning and implementation of environmental management measures.

In the case of subcontracting, the supplier that has a direct relationship with the Company shall ensure compliance with environmental legal requirements throughout the service chain. The effects of non-compliance with regulations due to ignorance or omission shall be the responsibility of the supplier.

We recommend the appropriate and rational use of natural resources (water and energy) and materials by suppliers within their organizations and/or in Company facilities, as well as the use of products with low environmental impact and the development of efficient processes that allow them to contribute to the reduction of adverse effects on the environment and strengthen their commitment to continuous improvement under the principles of sustainability.

Suppliers must ensure compliance with legally established standards regarding wages and working hours of their employees.

Suppliers' rights and obligations

  • The right to have all requests fulfilled in accordance with the contractually agreed upon in the service and/or purchase orders and the provisions of the law.
  • The right to receive timely payment under the conditions and terms agreed upon in accordance with the Company's policies.
  • The right to communicate their dissatisfaction in relation to the personal treatment received from Company employees and to receive a response in this regard.
  • The right to have the agreements reached between the parties respected, taking into account the period of time for which they apply.
  • Right to reject charges or collections that have not been accepted. No supplier shall be liable for charges that have not been negotiated with the Companies.
  • The right to have the information provided handled in accordance with the provisions of the regulations.

  • Guarantee the confidentiality of all information to which it has access due to or in connection with its business relationship with the Companies. This obligation extends to the persons involved in the execution of the contract.
  • Maintain updated all the documentation required by the Companies and notify in a timely manner any change in the commercial information (Address, Telephone, Email, Company Name, NIT, Legal Representative, etc.). NIT, Legal Representative, etc).
  • Comply with all specifications, terms and conditions made with the Companies for the supply of goods and materials or the provision of the service.
  • File the invoice in the administrative facilities of the Companies "Logbook" until the 20th of each month or previous business day with all the legal requirements in force, indicating the number of the purchase order or attaching it. Likewise, to be governed in case it applies according to the provisions of Decree 3032 of 2013 in Article 9 and other rules that add or modify them.
  • Suppliers acting as contractors are only authorized to employ subcontractors with prior approval by the Companies and after it has agreed to comply with this Document.