Our human talent reaches different sectors with an environmental message oriented to the culture of the cleaning service and the cleaning of roads and public areas.

Door-to-door awareness-raising activities

Building culture for a clean Villavo

Based on the requests made by users who identify in their community behaviors contrary to the civic culture, and the critical points detected by the organization, house to house we share relevant information about sweeping and collection frequencies, users' duties, special services, rubbish dump and customer service lines.

  • Collection and sweeping service frequencies
  • Presentation and location of solid waste
  • Duties and obligations of users (Decree 1077 of 2015).
  • Provision of Special Services and Landfill
  • Customer Service Lines
  • Sense of belonging to the city
  • Environmental culture
  • Separation at source

For further information or scheduling of activities, please contact our customer Service Lines: 110 y 681 9081