These are all those wastes that, due to their physical characteristics such as size or material, cannot be collected in the compactor carts that usually collect your ordinary waste.

This waste includes: mattresses, furniture in general, plant material, among others.

In Bioagrícola del Llano we are committed to the improvement of our city, we have an appropriate space for the final disposal of these elements and thus avoid giving them to a third party who will throw them into pipes, streets, avenues separators and vacant lots generating the contamination of these sites and water sources, causing a bad aspect to our city.

This service that we put at your disposal, guarantees the adequate final disposal of these wastes in our landfill Parque Ecológico Reciclante, located in Vereda San Juan Bosco, Km 18 of the road to Puerto Porfía, Villavicencio - Meta.

If your bulky waste is not listed above, we invite you to contact us at our línea directa 110 o a nuestra fixed line 608 -6819081 Monday to Friday from 07:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.