Sale of ornamental and forestry plant material

We produce a great variety of ornamental and forest species under a technified process from infrastructure, seed selection, substrate preparation, germination, transplanting, growth, development, phytosanitary control and fertilization.

We offer plants with varied foliage and exuberant flowering, with excellent root and structural development, and appropriate characteristics for proper landscaping and forestry design.

Our nursery is located in the Parque Ecológico Reciclante, San Juan Bosco, Km 18 via Puerto Porfía in the municipality of Villavicencio - Meta. The value of this service will be determined after a technical visit and specific requirements of the client.


Our soil conditioner, produced through the composting technique, has a careful control of temperature, pH and humidity conditions that make it a stable product with excellent characteristics as a soil enricher.

In addition, we have ICA certification for its production and commercialization.


Mulch is an organic mulch that acts as a protective soil cover to prevent surface runoff, regulate temperature, conserve moisture and prevent the growth of unwanted weeds over the planting area.

It is made from the material resulting from tree pruning. Its coloring makes it highly decorative, and as soon as it decomposes it becomes an important contribution of organic matter to the soil.


We put at your disposal the different containers and garbage cans for the management of your waste, both in outdoor and indoor areas, with volumes from 40 liters to 4 cubic meters.

If you wish to purchase one (or more) of these products, contact usto the cell phone 320 8585501 / 320 9641688 to provide you with all the information. Or you can also write to us at