Corporate Social Responsibility

The voluntary integration by companies in the development of their management of the social and environmental needs of their stakeholders ensures sustainability and improves relations with their stakeholders.

In this sense, Bioagrícola del Llano has given special importance to its technical, educational and landscape management processes, based on a solid environmental component. With regard to its stakeholders, it develops its Social Responsibility policy on different work fronts:

Sustainability reporting


“Culture of Peace: Depolarizing school conflicts”

Corporate Social Responsibility

In a joint effort between Bioagrícola del Llano and Llanogas, and with the endorsement of the Mayor's Office of Villavicencio, through the Municipal Secretary of Education, we implemented since 2017 a project to strengthen the citizenship skills of our children and adolescents in three official educational institutions of the city.

The project operator is Corporación Opción Legal, an NGO with extensive experience in educational processes. The project has a duration of two years and its results are sustainable over time, within the educational communities.

Support for sports schools

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bioagrícola del Llano S.A. E.S.P. is convinced that the healthy use of free time is the fundamental basis for developing attentive, disciplined and responsible children and young people. In this sense, we support legally established sports schools that preferably serve vulnerable communities.

Between 2016 and 2018 we have supported the sports clubs Barrios Unidos, Libertad and Tribu F.C.

Our actions against COVID-19

Here you will find the actions we have taken as a company to continue guaranteeing the provision of our services in the midst of the country's current situation.

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