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Integrated Management Policy

We provide public sanitation services through continuous improvement of processes, with emphasis on operational effectiveness, compliance with applicable legal requirements, and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

We prevent and control the risks of incidents, accidents and occupational diseases of our employees and stakeholders.

We have programs, resources and actions necessary for the consultation and participation of employees, the prevention of health deterioration and risk factors associated with the activities of the organization, prioritizing the management of ergonomic, mechanical, biological, road safety, heights and psycho-labor risks to provide safe and healthy working conditions.

Ver 12. 2019/06/19 Approved 2019/06/19.

Política de Seguridad Vial

BIOAGRICOLA DEL LLANO S.A E.S. P, dedicated to the provision of domiciliary public sanitation service in the components of sweeping and cleaning of roads and public areas, collection and transportation of household solid waste, commercial, final disposal and urban cleaning, in its commitment to the prevention of traffic incidents and its vision of zero traffic accidents and with the leadership of senior management, is committed to compliance with applicable requirements, to provide the necessary resources for the implementation of the PESV - Strategic Plan for Road Safety and the continuous improvement of this, through the following actions:

  • Continuous identification of road risks and the integration of their controls to each of the activities developed.
  • Requirement in the active participation of all the company's collaborators, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers as actors of the road.
  • Promoting the formation of safe habits, behaviors and conducts on the road and consequently, the formation of autonomous, supportive and prudent criteria for decision making in situations of travel or use of the road.
  • Development of road safety education, which is not only based on knowledge of rules and regulations, but also on habits, behaviors and conduct.
  • Establishment of responsibility as stakeholders of the road and within the PESV in the development of the activities.
  • Support for training and information campaigns on road safety.
  • Raise awareness among pedestrians, passengers and drivers of the need to achieve rational and sustainable mobility.
  • Establishment of a policy to prevent the consumption, use and sale of alcoholic beverages and/or hallucinogenic drugs.

Failure to comply with the provisions of this policy and others established by the employer will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Labor Regulations.

This policy is reviewed annually, published and disclosed to all personnel during induction, re-induction and training, so that each employee knows, understands, identifies and commits to the aspects covered in it. It is available to interested parties through the organization's website.


General Manager


Ver. 03- 15/04/2019

Habeas Data Policy

Below you will find our Information and Database Treatment Policy of Bioagricola del Llano S.A.

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Risk Management Plan

In Bioagrícola del Llano, we are committed to quality in the provision of our services, therefore we established this Risk Management Plan, which contains guidelines for our staff of sweeping and cleaning, collection and transportation, urban cleaning, and final disposal of ordinary solid waste to act correctly in case of possible disasters that may disrupt the normal development of our operations and generate an impact on the community.

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