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Appointment scheduling in person :

Welcome to the platform for face-to-face appointment scheduling.

Committed to the care of our customers and / or users, we enable the option to schedule your appointment in person for specific requests at our facilities. To do so, you must take into account the following recommendations:

  • Mandatory use of face masks.
  • Bring your identification card and a copy of it for payment agreements or financing of the service.
  • At the time of scheduling your appointment, remember to validate if there is a decree of pico y cédula in the municipality.
  • The temperature at the entrance may not be higher than 38°c.
  • If you have flu symptoms, avoid using this mechanism and use the customer service line or the virtual office that we have set up for you.
  • Admission will be allowed only to the person who requested the procedure, this appointment is not transferable, avoid bringing companions, senior citizens or children.
  • For the presentation of the rights of petition or claims, remember to make use of the web portal.
  • Stay tuned on your cell phone, one of our advisors will contact you.