Through sensitization and training, we raise awareness among our users about the importance of separation at the source and the positive impact this generates.

Training and sensitization on separation at source

Recovering usable material from your town

Through this activity we disseminated the benefits of waste separation at the source. Within the awareness-raising we mentioned various topics such as the theory of the four RRRRs, the culture of waste management, waste classification and utilization, and a sense of belonging to the city.

  • Integrated solid waste management
  • Decree 1077 of 2015 Duties and rights.
  • Separation at source
  • Theory of the four RRRR: Recycle, reduce, reuse and recover..
  • Culture of the toilet service
  • Classification of waste
  • How to make the most of waste
  • Provision of services offered by Bioagrícola
  • Sense of belonging to the city
  • Environmental culture

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