HSE Requirements

Occupational health and safety and environmental requirements for suppliers and contractors

One of the objectives of HSE management is to ensure that its suppliers and/or contractors develop their contractual activities with the same or higher standards than those of ( Indicate the name of the company), ensuring the protection of people, healthy, safe and clean working environments, the protection of natural resources, the prevention of pollution and the promotion of good practices and operations.

Thus, to ensure this objective, it is necessary to communicate the environmental, occupational health and safety criteria and/or requirements to suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, which are listed below:

  • HSE: Follow-up with suppliers, contractors and subcontractors to ensure compliance with the guidelines of the Health and Safety and Environmental System in the companies.
  • The Contractor: Must ensure that its contractors and subcontractors, as well as its suppliers of goods and services within the place of execution of the Contract, comply with the requirements set forth in the HSE ANNEX. The contractor shall be responsible for non-compliance with the requirements included therein and for non-compliance by its subcontractors.
  • All suppliers, contractors and subcontractors must be aware of these requirements as an integral part of their commercial offer, contract or service order. They must also be aware of the specific HSE requirements applicable to the activities they will perform in the future within the scope of the Contract they sign with the Companies.

Bioagrícola del Llano invites suppliers and/or contractors to implement good practices from HSE, in this sense provides some recommendations and minimum requirements for them to apply in the development of the services provided to the Companies, which can be widely known in our HSE ANNEX HSE Requirements in SST (Safety and health at work) and environment for interested parties.

As a first step in the supplier and contractor selection process, the following documents are required as a corporate guideline:

  • Format CORFHSE107 -Selection of suppliers and contractors.
  • Annual evaluation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System not exceeding 1 year, aligned to Resolution 312 of 2019 (Signed by the Legal Representative and Responsible for the OSHMS).
  • Certificate from the ARL indicating the percentage of implementation.
  • Letter from the ARL of the risk to which the company is affiliated.
  • Approved Strategic Road Safety Plan (PESV) (If its activities apply in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 1565 of 2014).

Once the contract has been signed, the contractor must provide the following documentation prior to the start of the activities that are the object of the contract, according to the type of incidence (high or low) in which it has been classified in the registration:

  • Complete the CORFHSE108 Documentary review of suppliers and contractors.
  • Supports requested in the previous format taking into account the OSH and environmental incidence to which the contractor or supplier is registered.
  • Documents on occupational health and safety and environmental management, specified in ANNEX HSE according to the activity or service to be performed.

During the development of the activities, the contractor will be subject to inspection controls, policies and legal regulations regarding health, safety and environment, by the HSE process.

According to the scope and need of the contractual activity, the contractor shall have Occupational Health and Safety personnel permanently on site where activities are carried out and developed for the organization.

No personnel will be allowed access to the work site or to begin work without the aforementioned documentation.